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Handyman Services

Maintenance & Repairs

I can take care of all those jobs around the house that are driving you crazy.

Fixing and replacing door handles

Fitting and replacing doors

Fixing cupboard/wardrobe doors

Patching and repairing walls

Replacing architraves and skirting

Roof repairs

Repairing and replacing gates

Gutter replacement

Steel Welding

Need anything welded? I can take on all kinds of welding jobs and can travel to you. I use a mig welder with 8m remote wire feed. 



Steel trusses

Chook pens / dog runs

Interior Painting

I can look after your interior painting needs with prepping, priming and painting:


Skirting boards





Work Samples


Patching holes

Filling cracks

Replacing moulding

Resheeting walls

Work Samples

Splashbacks & Tiling

Kitchen splashbacks

Tiling small areas

Tile repairs

Vehicle Rust Repairs & Fibreglass Repairs

A licensed panel beater, I can perform vehicle rust repairs, and can undertake fibreglass repairs.


I’ve helped out clients with their renovations, quite often working alongside them. From interior work like stripping out and relining rooms, filling in doorways, to exterior work like replacing fascia boards and gutters.

Custom Makes

I undertake a variety of custom made items. I’m particularly good with steel, but can work with timber as well.




Other - just ask!

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