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I had a home project come up due to the kids suddenly having to school from home with this COVID-19 crisis.

The office now needed to accommodate my wife working from home, as well as the older two kids doing their school work.

I can’t show you the “before” photos because I didn’t take any. But originally we had 1 x oversized, old-style computer desk and 1 x desk/bookcase combo squished against the wall opposite my wife’s desk.

We wanted something simple and uncluttered. That meant throwing a heap of stuff out, and rearranging some other shelving.

The old computer desk was pulled apart and binned, and the other desk (which I’d custom made for my wife a while back, but for a different room) was relocated to one of the girls’ bedroom (after she tossed out some things).

We didn’t want this to be a huge project, so quick and easy was key.

We bought a sheet of 600mm deep melomine board the length of the wall. We utilised a Bunnings Flexi Storage Clever Cube that we were already using as the middle support for this new bench. For the side supports, we used the same 600mm deep melomine board cut to the same height as the cube shelving.

I just screwed these to the bench from the top. Nothing fancy.

A couple of holes in the bench top for cables, and we were good to go!

My wife already had a simple, “hack” kind of setup, which you can see below. Hers is a standing-desk which she uses with a drafting chair with so she can easily switch between standing and sitting.

Same 600mm melamine board for the bench top, but with 2 x Flexi Storage Clever Cube (1×3, compact size) as the “legs”. These cubes were 900mm high and created the perfect height desk for my wife to stand at.

Since these cubes are not as deep, the bench top is secured to the wall with some brackets.

My wife wanted some new shelves to complement the desks. She originally had an old bookcase next to her desk, but it now looked out of place. She also wanted the shelves to be the same height as her desk. So I knocked up a quick book case with 3 shelves out of 300mm melamine.

And there you have it! Space for everyone to get their work done.

We had been meaning to fix up the office for some time, but we always over-thought it so it got put in the too-hard pile. But needs must, and as my wife says, it took a pandemic to get our butts into gear.

I thought I’d share this with you, as it really wasn’t difficult to do and might give you some ideas if you’re needing a quick solution to sharing space now that many of us have kids schooling at home.

Stay well!

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