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It’s hard to believe, but it all started with this pile of pre-cut timber. If you like jig-saw puzzles, then this is a project for you!

This pile of timber was the beginnings of a cubby house, purchased as a kit online. An obviously time-intensive project, I was called in to put it together.

Based on the Queenslander home design, building this cubby house was almost as involved as building an actual house! 

Complete with elevated floor, verandah, tin-roof, flashing, stairs, mailbox, doors and windows – it has come up grand, and no doubt the kids are going to enjoy it.

Tips for Constructing a Kit Cubby House

  • Before assembly, sort out all the materials and lay them out in groups so they are easy to find
  • Expect to need more screws. The number supplied were not enough.
  • You may want to use galvanised screws instead, so that they don’t rust
  • You might want to get some longer screws for the framing
  • May need batten screws for the heavier framing, like the legs and bearer
  • Be prepared to purchase extra materials – this kit didn’t have support bearers for the floor joists
  • For a cubby of this size, you’ll need a full 2 weeks off work to get it done – or be prepared to lose your weekends for 5-6 weeks!

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